Laser tag is an futuristic variation on the classic game of Tag. Players are equipped with defensive armor and futuristic phasers and they play against each other or on teams in a variety of game formats in a massive darkened space.

The effect is amazing. Laser beams fly just like in Sci-Fi movies like Star Wars and Star Trek. Players experience the thrill of futuristic laser battles all in complete supervised safety.

Q. Can anyone be blinded by your laser beams?

A. No. We use lasers that are very low power and yet are designed to deliver bright visual effect. We use CLASS 1 laser equipment which means there is no way to damage your vision.

Q. Is there an age limit?

A. We don’t have upper or lower age limits however players must be capable of wearing and holding their own equipment. Players should not be so young that they are scared of the dark, loud noises, jump scares (sometimes!) and flashing lights.

Q. How long do games last?

A. Typical games last 15 minutes but because there is a briefing and vesting process each adventure will take 20-25 minutes to complete.